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Gaston Landscaping Services, LLC!


We’re your professional landscaping and lawn maintenance professional and artist with 5 years of experience vouching for our expertise. While appealing to our customers’ expectations and desires is a requirement that we take very seriously, we don’t stop there. Our professionals have extensive experience in the field, which allows them a unique view on landscaping and what differentiates the great for the truly impressive and unique.

We’re passionate about our job quality and timely delivery.

In short, no project is out of our reach or capabilities, whether it’s a residential or a commercial job. Our team of expert landscapists can adapt to any project, no matter its size, complexity, or any special features or requirements.

We handle everything, from the actual design to the installation work and even providing ongoing maintenance tips to preserve everything in its original condition. Can’t handle the maintenance work yourself? Hire us!

Our proficient experts strive to provide you with a clean, positive, and environmentally-friendly look to attract the clientele. We leave nothing between us and perfection and we rely on professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to get the job done. 

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